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Expect Success

Whether your goal is weight loss, improved cardio conditioning, achieving martial arts mastery, or learning practical street self-defense, Final Round will help you with a systematic goal-based approach.  Our coaches will work with you to define your objectives and provide the personalized attention you need for sustained growth.


Get Started with a Free Pass

80% of life is showing up.  Show up for your first lesson with absolutely no risk, no obligation and no pressure sales tactics.  After you schedule your first visit, you’ll be greeted at the door and given the tour of our club.  We’ll leave you at the dressing room where you can change into your typical workout clothes.  One of our instructors will take you to our fitness area to run through the basic stances, footwork and techniques to ensure you’re ready for your first class.  Our instructor will answer your questions and give you the basic information about signing up.  We provide any equipment you may need at no charge.


Kick-Start!  Build Your Confidence and Skills with Discounted Private Lessons

Based on your experience in your first class, you have the option as a new member to purchase a package of 5 Kick-Start private lessons before attending our daily classes.  These significantly discounted private lesson rates are designed to encourage those students who feel they need extra attention and want to build confidence before joining group classes.  The option is yours.  If you feel you don’t need these, move on to your first class.


Your First Class

Armed with the basics after your private lesson, your first class will typically break down into warm-ups, intense activity mixed with coaching instruction, and a brief cool down.  The instructor will welcome you to the class and introduce you to the group.  The instructor or a senior student will also act as your mentor for the day, ensuring you get into the flow of the class.  After that, with continued effort and commitment you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals.

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